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  •   Emma : the Australian flag
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    Emma (Sydney, Australia)

    Emma describes the Australian flag and explains what it means to be part of the Commonwealth.

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  •   Emma : does Australia still need to be connected to Britain ?
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    Emma (Sydney, Australia)

    Emma talks about the way the Australian mixed population feel about the country’s link to Great Britain.

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  •   Jenny : the press and the Royal Family (1/2)
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    Jenny (an English woman living in France)

    Jenny remembers how the tabloid press used to interact with Lady Diana’s life.

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  •   Jenny : the press and the Royal family (2/2)
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    Jenny (an English woman living in France)

    Jenny thinks the tabloid press is often condescending to Kate and focuses too much on minor details of her life.

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  •   Jenny : William and Kate are going to have a baby !
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    Jenny (an English woman living in France)

    Jenny explains the reasons why she is happy about the future king to expect a baby. She also talks about the law that the government would like to change concerning the British Royal Family.

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