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  •   Rosemarie: living in the countryside
    9 votes
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    Rosemarie (Dublin, Ireland)

    Rosemarie, an Irish girl studying in Dublin but coming from the country, speaks about her preference for the country.

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  •   Corinne: celebrating Christmas in South Africa
    32 votes
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    Corinne (South Africa)

    In South Africa, Christmas is not celebrated in the same way as in England. Corinne, a 58-year-0ld South African living in England, tells us about this difference.

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  •   Rosemary: my life
    18 votes
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    Rosemary (Wiltshire, England)

    In her first recording, Rosemary spoke about her childhood in many diffferent countries. In this one she speaks of her life as a teenager and as an adult in Wiltshire, England, and tells us she feels she has found her roots - at last.

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  •   Eoin: living on a farm
    26 votes
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    Eoin (county Tipperary, Ireland)

    Eoin, 16, enjoys living on a farm and helping with the animals, but he’s also a soccer fan like most teenagers!

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  •   Peggy: my arrival in the States: a traumatic experience
    30 votes
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    Peggy (Irish-American, County Tipperary, Ireland)

    When she got to America, Peggy first contemplated working in the Death Row, as a social worker. She explains why she had made such choice.

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