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  •   Sam : Bonfire Night
    17 votes
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    Sam (Southampton, England)

    What is Bonfire Night? Sam explains the story of Guy Fawkes and the conspiracy.

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  •   Jenny : Bonfire night
    25 votes
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    Jenny (an English woman living in France)

    Jenny remembers the way she used to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night on November 5th when she was younger.

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  •   Jane : I was born on Guy Fawkes’ day
    13 votes
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    Jane, an English woman living in France

    Jane had a great birthday every year when she was a little girl, on Guy Fawkes’ day, with barbecues and fireworks.

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  •   Sally : I love Bonfire Night !
    52 votes
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    Sally (Manchester, England)

    Sally explains what Bonfire Night is and how people usually celebrate Guy Fawkes.

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  •   Jason: How I celebrated Guy Fawkes Night when I was a kid
    15 votes
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    Jason, 28 (Near Manchester, UK)

    Jason tells us how he celebrated Guy Fawkes Night when he was a kid and what he used to eat.

    – 1.2 MB